The Matilda Art Gallery
Featuring the work of Lisa Imbriglio

Welcome to the Matilda Art Gallery featuring the polished mixed media
crayon drawings by artist Lisa Imbriglio. Lisa also works in other media such as pastels, color pencils, and oil paints; but most of her artwork is in polished crayon in combination with inks and acrylics. The resulting drawings resemble a sheet of polished wax.

The art is bright, colorful, and upbeat. Lisa is dedicated to creating positive, uplifting, and entertaining art. Many of her collections pay tribute to charitable organizations that are making our world a better place. Matilda Art is just beginning its journey on the internet this year in 2008. Lisa hopes to provide support to many charitable organizations in the future. This summer, Lisa was able to donate five original drawings from her "Tribute to World Vision" collection to World Vision in New York City for inclusion in their benefit art exhibits.

For sales information of original pieces as well as prints, click on "Contacts". More information about prints can also be found on the "About" page. We will be offering prints on bamboo paper -- a wonderful renewable resource. Please also check back, as we will be adding more art to the web site.

The Matilda Art Gallery also licenses the rights to use the art for various applications. Some examples are: Interior designs, fabric designs, fashion designs, and children's clothing, toys, books, and accessories.

We hope you enjoy viewing our collections. Click on "Gallery" to see the art.......
and thank-you for visiting the Matilda Art Gallery.

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